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Erlang OTP Glossary of Terms

I am hoping this will serve as a reference for coworkers and others new to Erlang and OTP to be able to figure out the terminology easier than I had to. I learned the hard way, so you don't have to!:)

Recommended Reading


  • OTP in Action - Manning Publishing: very useful for the budding Erlanger that wants to building production systems in OTP.


  • Learn You Some Erlang - Great online learning resource for Erlangers plus OTP beginner and intermediate developers.


  • Basho Erlang Projects - Often the best way to learn is by looking at a living breathing codebase that uses the language and/or libraries you are learning. A great source is Basho's Erlang projects. Check out rebar, lager, poolboy, riak_kv, riak_search and many more.

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