Susan Potter

DuckDB :: Fast, Flexible, and Featherweight Data Analytics


Rapid Data Exploration with DuckDB: An In-Depth Tutorial

A comprehensive guide that explores the power of DuckDB for efficient and effective data exploration. The tutorial covers the entire process, from setting up DuckDB and loading data to advanced querying, visualization, and optimization techniques. It highlights the capabilities of DuckDB in performing advanced analytics and statistical functions, as well as creating interactive charts and graphs. With real-world case studies and examples, this tutorial equips readers with the …


Extracting Your Twitter Archive into DuckDB

Discover how to extract and analyze your Twitter archive using DuckDB, a lightweight and fast embeddable SQL database. This article provides step-by-step instructions for extracting data from your Twitter archive, converting it into a CSV file, and importing it into a duckdb database. By leveraging the power of DuckDB, you can query your tweets based on specific criteria and gain valuable insights. Whether you're interested in republishing popular tweets or exploring …