Susan Potter

About Susan Potter: software developer & infrastructure engineer

Hi, I am Susan and I can overhaul your growth-oriented SaaS engineering organization by making it simple for the engineering team to deliver higher quality software and infrastructure in shorter times with low overhead practices that fit the existing team. My goal is to setup the team for success such that even when team members have their worst days at work, every one of them can push changes to production confidently and with relative safety.

With almost 20 years leading teams at various levels in higher-growth Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses and media/content publishers, I streamline workflows to optimize delivery by:

Programming Languages & Paradigms

I am a polyglot with recent experience in the following languages:

I am a proponent of pure functional programming in well-typed languages like Haskell, Scala, PureScript and even TypeScript (when done well). However, I am well versed in Ruby (including Rails) and Python (2007-2019) and have experience minimizing common scalability and reliability problems exhibited by these two stacks at the infrastructure level via tried and tested architectural patterns.

Between 1996 and 2006 I worked primarily in large scale (with respect to LOCs and larger number of developers) object-oriented (OOP) codebases (such as Java, C++, Python).


I have had the advantage of growing up with AWS' public cloud offerings with 14 years of experience leading public cloud software and infrastructure engineering initiatives including migrations from datacenters to a multi-region AWS strategy and one multi-cloud provider initiative.

I build high-performing small yet impactful teams, implementing a collection of practices that optimizes delivery in some part due to congruent configuration via NixOS.


Current interests include practical use of formal methods for verification and risk management in software delivery, congruent configuration management (e.g. NixOS), and declarative infrastructure.

How to get in touch?

Are you ready to modernize your engineering organization? Reach out to me on LinkedIn, and let's explore the possibilities of what we can accomplish together.

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