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Building a serverless application for subscription webhooks, Part 1

Note: After starting to write this blog post series, AWS announced that API Gateway HTTP APIs could now route requests directly to five new services including Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. As a result I adapted the content of this series to account for that, however, it is …


A quick review of a pure functional serverless application deployed to production

/images/car-dashboard-small.webp Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash This was adapted from a tweet thread on June 3rd, 2020. Notes: all references to $ (dollars) is in reference to US Dollars (USD) latencies are quoted in milliseconds (ms) unless otherwise noted this …


Dynamically scaling a political news and activism hub (up to 5x the traffic in 20 minutes)

On any given day this news discussion site can receive traffic peaks up to five times our base traffic, sometimes requiring us to scale out to double our backend app server capacity within a 10-20 minutes window (sometimes at unpredictable times). In this talk, Susan Potter will …