Susan Potter

NixOS :: The operating system where configuration becomes reality


Functional Operations (Functional Programming at Comcast Labs Connect)

Maintaining configurations for different nodes and cloud resources in a [micro]service architecture has been an absolute nightmare in the past. The separation between CI/CD environments and production configuration has led to unpredictable results and false positives. Deploying code to staging and production has often resulted in unforeseen consequences that can't be identified beforehand, leaving users frustrated when problems arise. This session introduces the Nix and …


Functional and Reactive Operations

If we were starting greenfield development of a service or web application today we would likely employ a number of practices and design choices that are known to optimise application responsiveness, resiliency, elasticity, and/or composability. Delivering our reactive applications on top of predictable infrastructure will set our project up for success. Some of us don't have that luxury. We must provision, deploy, and operationally maintain legacy monolithic Rails web …


From Zero To Production (NixOS, Erlang)

This talk will introduce the audience to the Nix packaging, NixOS, and related ecosystem tools for Erlang/Elixir developers. By reviewing common development, testing, and deployment problems we will look at what Nix has to offer to aid Erlang/Elixir developers in these areas. From seamless developer environment bootstrapping to consistent CI environments and beyond.


What is NixOS and why am I excited about what it offers?

I have been building, testing and deploying NixOS systems - at medium to large scales - to cloud environments like AWS and GCP since 2015 in production. I also use NixOS for my own development laptops and workstation configurations to ensure I have reproducible systems to work on and for each codebase I setup a Nix flake or Nix shell to manage codebase dependencies and reliable development environments for everyone on the team.