Susan Potter

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The Pitfalls of Serverless Hosting

Join us as we dive into the world of serverless hosting and uncover the hidden challenges that come with this revolutionary approach. While serverless architectures promise scalability, cost-efficiency, and ease of deployment, they also present a range of obstacles that developers need to be aware of. From cold start latency to vendor lock-in, debugging woes to resource constraints, and limited visibility to scaling challenges, we explore the pitfalls that can impact your …


Experience report deploying PureScript to AWS Serverless (Lambda)

In this blog post, an experienced software engineer shares their successful deployment of a pure functional serverless function to AWS using PureScript. They spent around $15 per day on API Gateway and Lambda invocations without cost optimization, handling a peak load of 32k invocations per minute with low latency. The engineer highlights the need for adjustment in debugging and deployment processes and discusses challenges with tools and automation. Despite concerns, costs …