Susan Potter



Tracking diffs by scoping to file, range, function, method, or class changes in Git

One common question I see from developers using Git is how they can review the history of one function, method, or class over time through Git's history of the project. In codebases that have evolved over years, a developer just wants to know how one particular semantic scope of code has changed over time rather than on a file or directory basis. We …


Using three-way diffing context for merge conflict style in Git

It recently came to my attention that not everyone overrides the default merge.conflictStyle git-config setting. So in case anyone here wanted to try something new out that would provide more context during a Git conflict resolution scenario here you go. I use diff3 which you can set like this to override the default: git config --global merge.conflictStyle …


Distributed Developer Workflows using Git

This meetup I will be walking the audience through how to setup, configure and maintain distributed development workflows using Git (the distributed VCS developers either love or hate). Much of the workflows suggested here will be applicable to other dVCSes like Mercurial, Darcs and Bazaar.


SCM: The Next Generation

I am sure most developers (whether Java, Ruby, Python, or other) have used Subversion, Perforce or CVS to manage and control their projects' source, but have you used darcs or git? I'm sure most of you would have heard of git it hosts the Linux kernel code currently. Less of you have probably heard of darcs before. Prior to this evening, the most …